Partner Application

We are seeking partners to bring us deals and provide services to our client companies in exchange for equity compensation.

If you’re an attorney, business consultant, accountant, business broker or in any type of profession that gives you access to people looking to buy or sell companies, we would like to work with you.

Additionally, if you provide a business service and you’re willing to accept equity in our clients’ companies instead of cash, we’d like to have you in our network of equity-based service providers.

Please submit the form below to tell us about yourself and the services you can provide:

If we started working together today, if you looked back six months from now, name
the three big accomplishments we would need to make for you to feel good about our partnership.

Based on your past experience, what are the three biggest challenges you see standing in
the way of you meeting those objectives by yourself alone.

What are the three biggest assets, skills, talents or connections that you feel you bring to
the table that if leveraged properly could help to achieve our goals?

Economically speaking, how much money do you feel achieving the goals laid out above
would generate for you over the next 12 months?

If we choose to work with you do you fully agree to be open to fresh ideas, strategies and
advice from us and our experienced team?